Pro-active or Re-active?

By doing nothing and not making a choice, you are indeed making a choice. A life directed by inaction won’t lead you where you want to be except by chance and do you really want to gamble the odds with your dreams?


My Room-mate

In the process of feeding my cat today I dropped the little cup of dry cat food as I bent to place it in her bowl. Kibbles flew everywhere and scattered, some landing in her fur, some clear across the room and the floor basically covered with little bits of cat yumminess 🙂

My cat, sitting beside her bowl, looked up at me with a look that said “well, get moving, none of that landed in my bowl and I’m not eating off the floor”.

As I put another scoop in the bowl and she began to eat I went and got the vacuum out. With each kibble sucked up and taken care of it occurred to me that had she been a dog, this wouldn’t have been an issue. After the drop of food, I would have simply walked out of the kitchen as she bounded to and fro in bliss, so happy for the “scavenger hunt” that her amazing Mistress had provided for her ;).

On the flip side though, I can top up her foodbowl and leave for 24 hours and I know she’ll be fine when I get back. No trips out to the great outdoor bathroom needed…no “lack of attention”  behaviour to worry about…nope, quite the contrary; when I return I will be greeted with a look (if she bothers to look up when I come in the house) that will say “oh, you decided to come back?” followed by indifference.

People may say cats are uncaring but it’s always her little warm furry body that slowly curls up to me when I need her the most. We just never speak of it afterwards 😉

Musing for today

383744_461539643906229_442105665_nCame across this quote today…

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” by Flannery O’Connor and it resonates with me.

Whether or not we want something to “be” sometimes it just “is”. The simple fact is that we don’t need to be okay with it, we don’t need to be happy about it or even accept it wholly. It’s enough acceptance to have it just “be” and know that you can’t change it. Happy journeying fellow wanderers *hugs*






Abundance of Love

You know that saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? I have just gone through a transition with Sweetie that leaves me having to ponder that and whether it makes the change we’re going through any easier.

It does in a way… My lifestyle choices do allow me the freedom to love in a way that gives me choices to have people in my life in many different ways. While Sweetie may no longer be my primary significant other, he still holds my heart in a way and always will. I don’t doubt for a second that his love for me is there as well. Remaining meaningful to each other is a definite in our lives and for that I am so grateful.

Spent the afternoon having a chat with a newish friend who I am finally getting a chance to get to know better and enjoying it very much. The topic was about relationships and options and choices that we make in who and how we love. He is younger than me by a number of years and is finding his way much earlier than I did. Having waited until almost 40 years old to realize and live how I choose with regards to relationships it warms my heart to see someone doing it so much sooner than I did. I have said that if I knew 20 years ago what I know now to be true about love and relationships for myself…oh my, the difference that would have made in my life!

The simple fact for me is that love doesn’t need to be limited and narrow in its manifestation in my life. I have Sweetie still in my life and he means so much to me. He is my rock, the arms to hold me and make me feel safe and sheltered. Always a place in my heart and my arms for him.  I have a wonderful woman, my Squirrelfriend ;),  in my life who I can confide in, trust with my fears and wishes and who has also a special place in heart, and my arms… Soft kisses and warm hugs … Add to that the abundance of love from friends and I am surrounded by not only support in times of need but silly giggles and frivolity to lift my spirits and make my heart fill with laughter.

Love comes in many forms and packages. Love is given to us in so many different relationships. Our choice is to accept it in its numerous offerings and embrace it and fill our lives with it.

What we don’t need

Ok, just saw a segment on a morning talk show about goggles for dogs to prevent UV exposure damage to their eyes…. got me thinking….

What in the world did all those wild doggies do for all those thousands of years? What do the wolves and dingoes and such do now? My goodness! They must be wandering the wilds half blind by now from all that sun exposure and those horrid UV rays!

But also makes you wonder just how much of the “stuff” that we buy into *needing* we really actually NEED.

I have a friend who told me recently that she never uses sunscreen anymore. She tries to avoid too much sun exposure and be smart about her time in the sun and not burn but doesn’t use it anymore. When I asked her why she replied that North Americans have the highest use of sunscreen products and also have one of the highest rates of skin cancers. Think about the fact that your skin is porous…what you put ON it, gets IN you….

But I digress…the fact is we don’t NEED most of what we have been led to believe that we do. When you look at your wants versus your needs you’ll see you can do without a whole heck of alot. When I recently moved long distance I vowed that only what fit in my car in boxes was coming with me…and did it. Feels very freeing to not have everything that was weighing me down. OK, I will admit…. I did NEED that rolling pin I got rid of but I can buy another one. Not saying it’s a perfect science!

Simple thought for today…think about whether you really need what you think you do – you probably don’t 😉

Living abundantly doesn’t mean with lots of stuff…



I was out walking a couple of days agao and went a different direction and came across a new part of the beach that I hadn’t come across before. As I was wandering I noticed a water fountain and as I passed it I saw that it had a plaque on it. In memeory of someone obviously; there are park benches galore with those little plaques and such. I always take a second to look and read these. Someone loved a person enough to leave a lasting physical mark of their life so the least I can do is glance at the name or names I figure. This one struck me though and I stopped to go back and have another read and really think about it. The inscription is in memory of Mary Elizabeth Botterell who lived in the area for  years and loved this beach area in particular, passing away in 2000. A touching reminder of someone who clearly loved the area enough to spend the vast majority of her life here. This plaque also held a poem, not sure who it’s by, maybe a family member, maybe Mary herself or maybe just one she loved. It reads “I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the gentle autumn rain, I am the swift uplifting rush of the quiet birds in circled flight, I am the soft stars that shine at night”.

A pretty poem on a simple landmark to stand true to the memory of someone who was special enough to those she left behind that they chose to ensure that she will always remain, in some way, where she most loved to be.

Perfect and precious.